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 2014: back on the move with new travels ahead....

Bringing fourth modern surf reggae rock with mass appeal, Selah is gearing up for a big solo run this fall/winter, just into spring! After a massive 42 date summer 2014 concert schedule, Selah will be embarking on a series of solo tours in regions south to Florida and west to Colorado winter of 2014. Celebrating 20 years in motion, Selah's high energy shows and vibrant recordings have moved into their zenith sonically. We have documented this prolific period with a triple release of a live concert recording (From summer tour 2013), soon to follow with "Closeout City" and the "20 year anniversery" box set. Selah will also be coming to you live on the road, with his new podcast the Gruv-junkie network. Its been a nice break and now Selah is ready to get back out on the road to make music and connect with friends throughout the nation.  Check out the most recent concert announcements on our TOUR page and connect with us on our facebook page.





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This summer, we will release both Close Out City and  20 Years So Far ... more info at Roadbuzz!